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About Suyash Thakare


Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website. 

I'm a User Experience Researcher and Designer with a background in User Experience Design and Computer Engineering. I've joined Georgia Tech's MS-HCI program to learn about and understand the "H" part of HCI. I get a kick out of using a digital system that's well-designed; an even bigger one if I'm behind it. User research enables me to not only create better designs but also make sure that they are pertinent to users. While user research allows me to empathize with users, my background allows me to empathize with fellow designers and developers.

Having completed over 20 online courses including a few MOOCs, I've witnessed EdTech's potential firsthand. I'm also fascinated by the ability of social computing to transform our social interactions in the digital world.

Once I'm committed to something, I don't give up on it. During my Bachelor’s, I was conferred the “Highest Committed Student Branch Activist Award” by Computer Society of India.

I wrote an article about my stint at Reliance Industries Limited as a UX Design intern which was published online by an Indian national newspaper - The Hindu.

In my free time, I love to workout at the gym, hike, travel, watch tv-shows/movies and read books.