Moe's Voice Interaction

Moe’s Voice Interaction

Exploring how voice interaction technology can be incorporated into Moe’s Southwest Grill’s ecosystem

(NOTE - This project is a work in progress)



In what contexts do people or will people be using voice? Our client, Moe’s Southwest Grill’s wanted to figure out how people would use voice if it were an option, and how it should work.


Explore what is and isn’t working in the space of voice interaction and devise a solution that fits well into Moe’s Southwest Grill’s ecosystem.




Market + Brand review

No one on the team had worked on voice tech before, and the project was exploratory in nature. So we examined the current landscape in the industry for voice recognition technologies to gain background information on the space and reviewed Moe’s to understand its brand culture.

Synthesis of findings - Documented information regarding the evolution of voice interaction, its current state, leaders in the space, and how brands can find their own “voice,” and the things customers love about Moe’s.


Distribution of survey responses for different areas -


Visualizations of some of the findings from survey data -

We conducted surveys around three areas - experiences with the Moe’s ecosystem as well as voice interaction technologies and online food ordering in general. I formulated most of our research questions following which we devised the survey questions. I convinced the team to pilot the survey with fellow researchers and refine it based on their feedback before publishing it. We used Qualtrics for the pilot and final surveys.

Justification -

  • Quickly collect a significant amount of qualitative and quantitative data

  • Identify interested customers for further research

  • Find out at a high level about customers’ experiences (attitudes, preferences, motivations, perceptions) with different domains

  • Gathering data on a vast breadth of topics would help us establish a foundation to build on and guide more targeted, in-depth research methods later on

Analysis -

Given that our data was categorial, we expressed our results in terms of the numbers or percentages of people who chose those options. Using Qualtrics’s report visualizations, I created visualizations of certain findings to illustrate and help us better understand them.

Synthesis of findings -

To step into the mindset of our users and sum up our findings from survey data, I created empathy maps capturing their perspectives in the Moe’s restaurant setting and when using voice interaction. Empathy maps helped us identify critical user needs for our sample.

Empathy map capturing the in-store experiences of Moe’s customers -

Empathy map capturing the experiences with voice interaction in general -

Critical user needs -

User needs.png

Competitive Analysis with Task Analysis

We performed a "competitive analysis" and task analyses on the voice interaction applications of a few restaurants (Dominos, Starbucks, and Wingstop) to understand the nuanced differences between their food ordering. To explore the vast world of Alexa skills and determine if there is a way for Moe’s to leverage their functions, features, or design choices in their voice interaction technology, we also analyzed a few popular skills (The Magic Door, Thunderstorm sounds, Jeopardy). These techniques allowed us to better navigate the uncertainty of our project by tying ourselves to real-world, existing applications.

A peek into the competitive analysis - Dom, the Domino’s ordering assistant bot allows you to use both, text and voice interaction to place orders


Justification -

  • “Competitive analysis” provides an excellent foundation of existing information, allows us to be exposed to things that are popular within the realm of voice interaction and serves as a platform to inform further design and research.

  • Task analysis helps us understand the different steps involved in carrying out various tasks involved as well as features, functions, and pros/cons.

Synthesis of findings -

TA findings.png

Next steps

We’ve finished designing the prototype and plan to complete testing very soon with users. Please check back in a few days to view these sections!