Sandeep Datar | VP, User Experience and Product Design, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Sandeep was senior to Suyash but didn’t manage directly

Suyash interned in my team in the summer of 2019. Looking at some of the projects he had done in his school, we assigned him on one of our most challenging next-gen vision projects.

In just 10 weeks, Suyash was able to pick up a relatively complex domain like Cross channel Digital marketing and understand in depth all the subtle nuances of segmentation, targeting and content personalization. He contributed significantly to the ideation process, wrote the narrative for our demo script and in a very short time came up with a lot of wireframes to define the navigation and interaction paradigms.

I was very impressed with his design thinking, commitment to the project and speed of execution. I wish him the very best with his future endeavors.


Amol Sood | Sr. Principal UX Designer, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Amol was Suyash’s mentor

Suyash interned with us for only three months, but made a lasting impact, not only with the quality of his work and deliverables, but also with his passion for design and deep empathy for the end-user.

I mentored Suyash during his design internship at Oracle. He came across as a self-starter and creative problem solver who could jump into any situation, quickly assess what's needed and work collaboratively with various stakeholders towards building a design solution. Showing maturity beyond his years, Suyash picked up the nuances of the domain quickly and came up with creative design concepts reflective of his strong foundation in design principles and a deep spirit of discovery and exploration. At every review, Suyash presented thorough and thoughtful observations and brought new and fresh perspectives to the table. His research and groundwork have informed major design decisions on the project.

It was a pleasure to have you with us Suyash, and I would love to work with you again.


Ry Lickliter | Principal UX Designer, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Ry was senior to Suyash but didn’t manage directly

I had the privilege of working with Suyash during his internship at Oracle and was impressed, not only with the quality of his output, but with the methodology in which he approached the work. His ability to think at a higher, system level combined with his technical understanding and ability to create well thought out, pixel perfect designs based on the user's needs made our time working together a pleasure. He brings the thoughtfulness, creativity and patience of a much more senior designer to his projects and would be an excellent addition to any team. I hope to work with him again in the future.